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Talk about your biggest insecurity.

hmmmmmmm maybe my mouth/teeth or my hands

Talk about the best dream you’ve ever had.

one time when i was younger i had a dream that i was in a pokemon parade also another time i had a dream that i was driving to new york with two of my friends from twitter but it was REALLY HILLY and it was raining and when we got to the building thing it was flooded and my family was there and so were marlin nemo and dory and nemo was like FOLLOW ME and i like nemo i can’t

Talk about someone you want to be friends with.


Talk about something that happened in high school.

like four times throughout high school i made everyone hate me just by indirectly tweeting or complaining about how much i hate walker high

Worship the Digital Age
Our Endless War
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Whitechapel - Worship The Digital Age


from “The Art of Shintaro Kago JP 2”


i may not be the prettiest girl, or the smartest, and im not the fastest, and i probably smell bad, and im mean, and i didnt do good in school, and i dont know how to fuck, but i do have 2 leather jackets and an internet connection so if times get tough i can look up how to cook and eat the jackets

oh just ignore me. my blog is small potatoes. it’s not that importance.

For instance, I’d like to spend my youth with someone like her.


in case you were uncertain, boys are completely worthless